Peter NedergaardPeter Nedergaard
professor in comparative politics, PhD

University of Copenhagen
Department of Political Science
Øster Farimagsgade 5, entrance E
DK-1353 København K

Tel.: + 45 51 42 30 93 (mob)

Tel.: +45 3815 3541 (work)

Tel.: 38 11 53 22 (home)

Fax:+45 3815 3555

Orcid-ID no.: orcid.org/0000-0001-5363-3301


My key research interests are comparative politics and the political economy of European integration, Nordic cooperation, and international political economy. In relation to this I have analyzed the common agricultural policy, the market integration, Nordic cooperation, employment policy, standardization policy, international trade policy as well as the administration of Europe and the EU’s institutions.

My conceptual interests lie in approaches that reveal both the economic and political dimensions of European integration processes as well as internationalization processes in general. My research output has been scientific articles and books that are informed by rational choice, social constructivism, trade theory, and economic and political integration theories.


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