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Welcome to my homepage where I focus on my scientific work, papers, articles, etc. Here I present my primary research interests and a list of publications. Contact information is also available.

Some publications are available to download.

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Peter Nedergaard

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New journal articles:

Rikke Wetendorff Nørgaard, Peter Nedergaard & Jens Blom-Hansen (2014). ‘Lobbying in the EU Comitology System’, Journal of European Integration.

Jensen, Dagnis Mads & Peter Nedergaard (2014) ‘Uno, Duo, Trio? Varieties of Trio Presidencies in the Council of Ministers’, Journal of Common Market Studies.

Nedergaard, Peter & Mads Dagnis Jensen (2014). The Anatomy of Intergroups – Networks in the political engine room of the European Parliament, Policy Studies 35(2): 192-209.

Jensen, Mads Dagnis & Peter Nedergaard (2013) “Det danske EU-formandskab 2012 – satte det sig spor i centraladministrationen”, Politica 45(4).

Nedergaard, Peter (2013) “Lighed med hensyn til hvad? Komparativ klimapolitik og politisk teori om lighed”, Politik 16(3): 21-31.


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