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Welcome to my homepage where I focus on my scientific work, papers, articles, etc. Here I present my primary research interests and a list of publications. Contact information is also available.

Some publications are available to download.

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Peter Nedergaard

Homepage at work

New journal articles:

Mads Dagnis Jensen, Mathias Jopp & Peter Nedergaard (2016). Coordination of EU Policy Positions in Germany and Denmark: A Politics of Institutional Choice Approach. Journal of Contemporary European Research, Vol. 12, issue 2. Abstract

Emil Lobe Suenson, Peter Nedergaard & Peter Munk Christiansen (2016). Why Lash Yourself to the Mast? The Case of the Danish “Budget Law”. Public Budgeting & Finance, Vol. 36, issue 1, pp. 3-21. Abstract

Nedergaard, Peter & Mads Dagnis Jensen (2015). You’re gonna have to serve somebody: A comparative analysis of the Polish, Danish and Cypriot EU Presidency discourses. Comparative European Politics. Abstract

Peter Nedergaard & Holly Snaith (2015). ‘As I Drifted on a River I Could Not Control’: The Unintended Ordoliberal Consequences of the Eurozone Crisis. Journal of Common Market Studies. Abstract

Henrik Bang, Mads Dagnis Jensen & Peter Nedergaard (2015). ‘We the People’ versus ‘We the Heads of States’: the debate on the democratic deficit of the European Union. Policy Studies, Vol. 36, No. 2, pp. 196-216. Abstract


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